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RIP Jack Charlton

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Some of my happiest Owls memories are from following the club home and away with my brother during the Big Jack era. Huge character who built a team of characters. What would we give for a Charlton/Setters management team today?


Oh and by the way a World Cup winner ! Some people are just irreplaceable.


Rest in peace and thank you so much Jack.

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20 minutes ago, hugeowl said:

Bit of nostalgia on a sad day


 Here’s to you Jack 



You had to queue outside the club 'shop' near behind the South stand to purchase the 'Charlton' Owls Are Magic' scarf.


IMG_1264 (1).jpg

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Very sad news. So many happy memories surrounding the time Big Jack was in charge.


The man who really turned the club around.


RIP Big Jack, genuine Owls legend.

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Really sad news to wake to,only  consolation ,boy, did Jack live his life well.

Jack apparently like to meet some of potential new signings out at the Ladybower Inn so he could get a half days fishing in.

I think it's in Zico Sterlands book.

It's a muddy pitch down at Hillsboro and the players are practicing free kicks from 25 yards out and Jack's watching not impressed as thier not getting close.

So he marches over in his overcoat ,flat cap and brogues and leathers one into the top corner and says ," that's how you do it"


I remember him looking proud as punch as he gave a speech from the south stand directors box after we got promoted in front of 33,000 v Carlisle.

Great days

RIP ,Big Jack


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The word legend is used too often in football but for Big Jack he invented the term.


A true giant of football man, world cup winner in 1966, played his whole career well we will forget that part, took us out of despair to the top of English football, them did something no man had ever done with Ireland.


A true gent and a proper legend, RIP Big Jack 

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Just a lovely fella. Spoke to us kids who lived round the ground on many occasions and even had a kickaround with us when playing football against the old Lepp turnstile entrance walls.
Much to the delight of the players. no cars, made em walk from the training ground.

Rest in peace Jack Charlton - Top Man

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3 hours ago, S36 OWL said:

We owe  Big Jack so much for what he did for our club. The perfect and fitting way to honour him is to rename the North Stand "The Jack Charlton Stand" 


No manager has ever done more for our club than this man. 


I think this is an excellent idea and a fitting tribute to recognise what a tremendous job the guy did for a club that was absolutely on it's arse.


Well, this was rubbish news to wake up to this morning. What a fella he was. It wasn't just that he was able to slowly turn the club's fortunes around from the destitution it had slumped into, both financial and footballing, but it was the manner in which he did it. Such strength of character, fortitude and integrity. And all along maintaining a humility, humour and generosity of spirit.


I know it's been mentioned a few times before, but I also remember that programme he had on the TV coaching young lads. He just had a charisma about him that was fascinating somehow. My favourite story about him was in a book I read (might have been 'A Quarter of Wednesday by Daniel Gordon). He was taking a training session and the players were working on free kicks. Jack was getting frustrated because they weren't able to deliver what he wanted. So he put down his cup of tea, strode up to the ball, and in his coat and casual shoes curled the ball into the top corner like Kevin de Bruyne, turned to his players and said "now is that really so difficult?" Then he went back to his cuppa as if nothing unusual had just happened.


I'm sure there was no pressing reason for him to take the job at Hillsborough given his status within the game. It says much about him that he did. Who knows where this club would have been if it wasn't for Jack Charlton? Rest in peace legend.


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