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1 minute ago, Grandad said:

Did anybody back us to get relegated?


Just in case we do - to soften the blow


I havnt yet 

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6 minutes ago, royalowlisback said:

Maybe DC?


It's just been revealed that he accidentally backdated his bet to the 2018 season

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I didn't back us to get relegated but I have consistently made money by backing against us, it softens the blow (only slightly) when we lose. Anyway I bet to make money, not with my heart, before I get slammed for betting against my own team! 

I also back United regularly, they were 11/4 last night which was a great bet, they were at home against a team only just above them. I got 2-1 on PNE, again a great bet considering  our record against teams who are on a dire run!

The last two seasons have been brilliant financially but I'd rather have lost all my money!

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£25 @ 10/1 


I checked if the bet stands if a team is relegated due to a points deduction (etc) and I seem to remember it does. I don't think all bookies do.

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