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You just know he's going to make a mistake every game that will cost us, gets beat far too easily, happened against Forest.


Surely there is an U23 player who can play center back, even they wouldnt make as many mistakes as him!

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11 minutes ago, Hitcat said:

Wasn't a penalty though.....

Definitely was though......


Wrong side of man at a set piece, total amateur.

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11 minutes ago, Leaping Lannys Perm said:

It is amazing how many penalties he gives away.

Feels like that is 5 this season but can only specifically remember the 2 against Preston so it might be conformation bias.


Seemed to be playing well up to then though.


Odubajo cost us 3 points at Preston by giving away 2 pens - they won 2-1. Gave away 2 pts at Derby - giving away the pen for their equaliser. If he costs us 3 tonight - can we leave him out at the weekend?

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14 minutes ago, Grez Bez said:

Done really well so far.


Didn't see the penalty challenge but presume your basing it in that alone

Was doing really well but he's a liability for getting wrong side of his man at crucial times. 

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3 minutes ago, james o connor said:

He’s been our  best player tonight . Wish he’d cut out his stupid errors , he might have a future here then 

That's a bit strong and OTT

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