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The most scared you've ever been at a match

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I went on one of those Youtube link up sessions where you go from Pat Butchers best bits to Gordon Ramsay putting bread on someones head, and somewhere in between I ended up on a video about football hooliganism.


And then I got suckered in to all of them and now I feel obsessed by hooligans.


What is the most scared you've ever felt at one particular match/ground?


I'm sure it's been done to death before, and I'm most deffo not starting this thread as a means of 'chestbeating' (football hooligans are arguably the most pathetic, while at the same time most fascinating, specimens known to man).


For me -


Millwall away in 2001 where they went nuts at full time after a disallowed goal (I think. And I think it was 2-1 to Wednesday).


Birmingham away in maybe 2006, where they just went ballistic. Wtf was that all about?!


(I am no way associated with the Democratic Party of Football Defence Alliance League Lads btw.


Just a curious subculture innit).

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1 hour ago, Tea Baggins said:

When I see a back pass go back to Dawson from Tom Lees.


Sheeeeeeeet myself every time! 


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England v Scotland 1975, bottles flying everywhere.


Huddersfield at old Leeds Road ground.

Half house bricks thudding into corrugated fencing. Even the police were taking cover.

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When James O’Conner nearly scored an overhead kick from the edge of the box, I thought if that goes in it will rip a whole in the space time continuum.

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Before Rotherham away in the last minute 3-2 win. About 10 mins before the game a proper loud fire alarm came on in the stands. Someone set off a firework or something in the Rotherham end. It was similar to how air raid sirens make your hairs stand on end and that sound has always freaked me out, and that's what they both are designed to do anyway. 

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West Street about twelve of us in, all Wednesday fans, when these two lads rush in shouting BBC throwing bottles.  We chase them out into the only to find there are bloody loads of them outside waiting for us. 


A bit of lashing out and more bottles thrown, and we run back in the pub and bar the door close and next thing windows are going through and there is glass everywhere.  Doors shaking as they try to force their way in. 


Like this for a few minutes then we can see some of them starting to run off, thank God coppers are here I thought, but no, it was some OCS lads, never felt so pleased to see them. A couple of united lads who stood their ground took a bit of a kicking. 


Rest of the united lads disappeared quick and I don't blame them as the OCS lads were big lads and game for a show down.


Had a few adventures round town in the eighties and early nighties, we got lucky that night we could have taken a right hammering. 



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1983 semi final of the FA Cup at Highbury.


We lost.


Leaving the ground there was a massive crush to get out (not unusual watching Wednesday)


The exit gate was only half open, the police had locked the other gate. It could have been a disaster if anyone had fallen over. 

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Not a Wednesday match. 



But my grandad and uncle took me to a Chesterfield match at Saltergate when I was about 5 years old. 


Game finished 0-0 and we was walking back through the town centre when all of a sudden loads of Preston fans/Hooligans can charging behind us. 


My grandad and uncle ran into a shop and forgot about me and just left me facing these wannabes. 


Was pumped and ready to let loose on then but my uncle remembered me and grabbed me and got me in the shop just as they were passing, as a 5 year old it looked like there was about 200 of them and it was in the 1980s so possible about only 20 of them. 


To this day those 20 were very lucky I got dragged away or who knows what could have happened to them, especially as I probably had my small bat mobile in my pocket - never left the house without it. 


The gods were shining down on those Preston fans that day. 





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You won't see me though, right?  :ph34r:





I'll be disguised as a cardboard cutout - I might give myself away though if/when we score! lol



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