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3 minutes ago, steelcityowlsfan said:

What happened to the nucleus of the side that won the U23 league then? Have they all

failed to make the grade?


And what about these names. Where are they now?





If DC had implemented a plan to get the academy up to category A when he first came in we could now be seeing a few youngsters in the first team. 

George Hirst

(Inserts ******** emoji)

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7 minutes ago, Nero said:

Jordan O'Brien is supposed to be top class





On FIFA in the lockdown...


isn't his fatha meant to post on here? big wednesdayite? 

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Guest freerole
44 minutes ago, S36 OWL said:

Stick Big Dom up front 


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54 minutes ago, gypsyowl said:

this is our u23 squad I believe. I'm sure others on here will be more clued up on who's available and more likely to make the step up



Joshua Render


Sep 25, 2000 (19) 

Ive heard he helps create on a solid wall.

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40 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


Not had many games, still time to see if he's up to it. 


Maybe this isn't the best moment to blood a youngster.

Da Cruz is a million miles short of the quality you need at this level. 

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