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Are you ready/excited for football returning?

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On 30/05/2020 at 14:13, @owlstalk said:

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Is anyone now ready and excited for football to return?


It seems like forever since we last had a match to talk about


With football in other countries already back underway, a return to Premier League sorted, and possible restarts for Championship bro g discussed what do we think it’s going to be like?


If it’s behind closed doors and broadcast on IFollow will you watch?


Is football the same when only viewed on screens/devices?



As a an avid follower of football in general I'll be watching and I will certainly watch all our games as and when available.


As businesses I can understand the need for them to get going again even if it is just to recoup some TV money, the safety issue seems to have been covered and with the testing going on currently football training grounds will be among the safest places to work.


I'm getting more than a bit tired of some of the media telling us how the return of football is the saviour of society though. Contrary to what some would have us believe, most people would have been able to cope with a few more weeks without the beautiful game in this guise and I certainly don't have the same enthusiasm and anticipation I have after 2 months of a normal close season.

Certain sections of football coverage are overdoing the self-importance of football.  

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