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Morning all!

For our registered Owlstalk members who have never seen this, our site has a Leaderboard feature. This shows which members are the most active, receive the most positive reaction/reputation, post the most content etc

See above for where the link to Leaderboard is on desktop. For mobile you click on your notification thing in the very top right of screen (the three lines), then click 'browse' and then you will see Leaderboard.

Basically the Leaderboards use the site's reactions/likes/thanks buttons to work out who's posting the more popular content.





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EXAMPLE 1 (above)

Whenever someone is the leader in a particular field you should find that you receive acknowledgement with a trophy on your profile showing when you received it and what for etc. Above you can see one example of Grandad who had the most liked content on 17th May so he will either have posted a really popular post, or more likely made a series of posts that people gave him a like for and accumulated the most like/reputation points.




Screenshot 2020-05-29 at 09.46.03.jpg

EXAMPLE 2 (Above)

Another aspect to it is if you go to your profile, where you will see your community reputation overall, plus if you look next to when DEH9 last visited you will see that it says 'Days Won' which shows that on three occasions DEH9 has 'won the day' with the most liked content on the site.




You can also see past daily leaders here https://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/pastleaders/









One final thing - Because (amongst other things) I tend to be active the most, post the most and have posted the most content on the site (because I post news articles in Matchday to keep things fresh) I always won every day as people liked my content the most every day by default. So I've deleted all my reputation and content points. This will give other people more of an opportunity to hit the leaderboards (unless of course by posting moving forward people give me likes for my content which would put me in the same position) either way I've deleted all my rep points.


So.... There you go


Have a play with it!

You statisticians out there might like to have a nosey at it and check it out just from a stats based basis, and newer members who have never seen the above feature can see it for the first time!

I've said it before and I'll say it again - THANK YOU for choosing/using Owlstalk and helping us create a real community here. It's appreciated and it's great to have you with us

Peace out


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Cheers...not sure what we would do without OT somedays.

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