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Wednesday vs Cardiff April 2016

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Just watched all of this game 

at a packed Hillsborough, in the sunshine. Looks absolutely fabulous. Our ground has real character! We dominated and won 2-0.Great kit too, great players with Loovens 

and Lopez and Hooper. Made me remember why it's so good being a Wednesday fan.

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Great game! Blew them away. 


Years ago i went to Wednesday away at Cardiff and afterwards we stayed in the city to watch a small music festival. I'm still wearing my Wednesday shirt (the yellow one from the Brunt era) i'm getting some really funny looks and threatening comments. Any way this massive bloke comes storming through the crowd towards me and in a thick welsh accent says take your shirt off (i do as im told) he then pulls it on turns to the crowd and says "Your not f**king staring now are ya?!" 


Gives me back the shirt and we spend the rest of the evening drinking with him and his misses. Great night. Shirt was f**ked it never fit me again but i survived! 


Turns out he was a boxer. Will always remember my mates parting as he got nearer to us. 

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On 15/04/2020 at 06:53, Holmowl said:

Spoiler alert.


It wasn’t 2-0.


My favourite game of recent times. 

What is it with people leaving early before a televised game on youtube, to miss the traffic to the kettle I bet.


Or to get last beer from the fridge lol

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