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I remember going to games in the late 60's early 70's - loved the floodlights...


I also remember that they installed the brighter ones (I think) when color tv came out and they needed the lights to be brighter (again could be a bit off with the reason - getting old LOL)...  probably around 1972?   They were the big rectangular lights that replaced some of the less bright round ones...



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On 12/04/2020 at 08:01, Pulsar said:



That's it mate!

Exactly how i remember them, i wonder why they made them so tall, it looks like a section lower would have been enough to clear the stands as ER then didn't have the biggest stands. 


Btw i served Rodger Wylde once :cool:

Don't like them, ugly ground that had ugly floodlights.

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1 hour ago, owlerfan1 said:

might have missed reply, but when did the 6 floodlights get removed????


First match without floodlights was the Klinsman game.


Owls 3-4 Spurs...........August 20th 1994

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I would be 8 when the lights were installed,and just used for friendlies at first. I was deemed too young to go, but a lad in our class at Fox Hill had a lodger, on Chaucer Road, none other than Jackie Sewell, who was a current England international. Bit different to today eh ?  This lad was allowed to go to the first night match and I remember quizzing him on what it was like, cos I couldn't imagine playing football at night. He said its just like daylight. I lived at the top of Lyminster Rd and I used to sit at my bedroom window gazing, trance like, down the valley, at the ground, lit up by these magical lights. ( At that time they were still testing the searchlights over the city area, from WW2 as well, not to mention the air raid sirens, both of which scared me to death). I was eventually taken to night matches, I think San Lorenzo was the first, and these were among the most thrilling of my life, looking up at the towering pylons, lights on half power, before being switched onto full. They seemed a lot brighter than they are now.

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On 04/04/2020 at 20:59, @owlstalk said:

Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 20.59.33.jpg

That is the view I always remember from my youft, it looks like this was taken from the viaduct but we would regularly walk down Herries Road for a night match to be welcomed by that exact view, from a lower angle obviously. The finest sight in football at the time IMHO. Wish we still had the neon sign...fantastic! 👌

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