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Where was your first away game?

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12 minutes ago, OWL1969 said:

Weren't it standing back then?

Also seem to remember abit of bother on it, then a request over the tannoy for Away fans in home ends to move to the end of the old Side John Smiths Roofed Terrace, Que thousands moving from 3 sides of the ground.

I can also it was my 21st Birthday. 23rd October 1990.


Yes, do apologise for my error, also was at the very back the terrace.when CP Scored,i ran the fastest 100m in my life as soon as the final whistle blew.:tango:

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7 minutes ago, OWL1969 said:

I'm not sure which year was which, I seem to remember the Hirsty one being first, but can't remember what year, I just recall being at both.

The Hirsty one we had a goal disallowed for offside when someone was in the back of the net, scored about 5 minutes later, as you said the limbs were amazing.

If I had to guess I'd say Hirst 92/93 Palmer 93/94 only guesses though.




Determined not to google this.


Need some fresh air.


I will leave it as Hirsty scored an equaliser in the 90's. lol

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I am pretty sure it was Blunts vs Owls in the pre-season county cup. I think after my 1st year at Abbeydale grange, so about 1975, and a group of us went. Was a bit mad as we went on the kop, I was with some little blunties who convinced me it would be OK, and there was lots of scrapping.

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Sat 17 Jan 1970  Derby County............ 0-1       32,991


I was only 7 and could hardly see a thing, near impossible from terraces at old Baseball Ground.


Remember very little about it apart from view I've mentioned and travelling on train.

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1 hour ago, shez owl said:

Mansfield when Andy Mchulloch chested in his 100th league goal, back end of 70s? Can’t remember exactly 


6 minutes ago, lanzaroteowl said:


I went to that game '76/77


It was 1979-80 promotion season. 


Sat 15 Mar 1980  Mansfield Town.......... 1-1     2     16,109   Andy McCulloch

Must have been about 12,000 Wednesdayites at game, we were on all four sides of ground.

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Barnsley away, in the Jack Charlton season. I was about 12 y old. We went on a spying mission to watch Barnsley in a cup game the week before against Luton, ended 1-1

I was more amused by Luton’s Adolf Hitler look alike, Mick Harford. 

On the way home Dad asked me how he thought we’d do against the Tykes. I was an optimistic sort then, told him TC run riot and we’d score a hatful. 

We won 3-0 and the wizard scored 1 and I’m sure he laid one on a plate for Spider Mellor. Not sure who got the other. 

What a great season that was. 

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