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I don’t think there’s much excising the miss, it was a one on one and if he didn’t feel comfortable he had Harris to the left of him to lay it off too for an open goal. 

But if we are talking about chances, Birmingham could have been 3/4 goals to the good at half time; they missed some shockers. 


Obviously wouldn’t have complained had we got the three points, but I think on the balance of a play a draw was the correct result in the end. 

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On 23/02/2020 at 19:34, bradowl said:


I recall Di Piedi scoring a similar goal at Birmingham around that era, also a last minute winner, Joao also scored one at Brentford a couple of years ago.


I think Murphy had so much time it didn't help him, should have gone round keeper or just hit it instead of trying to place it. 


Great celebration too...




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