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Sick of being frightened

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On 22/02/2020 at 17:57, asteener1867 said:

The EFL..The f.ookin'  courts..How many points ?...The endless not knowing whats around the corner..S.A.G?, SYP?  Is the Lepp open?...Is it shut?.

.Can I afford next seasons season ticket..before this season is even f.ookin' over?

But you know what....?

I absolutely hate being timid of the next game in front of us....and thats what we have had the last few weeks.

Scared out of our socks cos its Brum away...Scared out f our socks cos its Bloody Reading ..at Home...Blackburn, Cardiff, Millwall..at home

The whole sodding set up is built on being scared sh*tless of what happens next.


Hutchinson. Westwood...Mental health....


I'll give you summat that will test yer mental health...support this lot and watch ME in goal or playin' holding midfielder...Please do f.ook off.


This endless cycle of Jam tomorrow...spaffing millions on f.ooking abject tat.

Any of you f.ookers on the staff worried that Owls fans are sat gibbering behind the bloody sofa?..every sodding Saturday when you lot trot out to do whatever the f.ook you seem to be doing lately?

Any of you f.ookers having to smile and take it on the chin as Blades fans rip the p* ss?


You take yer wage, and you whine

You whine about abuse on Social media...But ONE f.ookin' win...and there you are...on twitter or whateverthefook...


You lot get this pressure cos Wednesday fans  actually f.ookin' care..Do you?




I sodding doubt it!




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On 22/02/2020 at 18:29, Brommers said:

When was the last time we set up with the attitude, fornicate them, let em worry about us? Probably in CCs first season.

Been arguing this for years, We have capable players (though not as capable as we thought) but we don't "have a go". It's not naivety, it's a credible tactic. it won't work every time but the fans love it. We're playing Charlton for goodness sake, we're at home, just have a go from the start.

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