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Who's giving it a miss on Saturday?

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I don't think it's about being hardcore and not. It's not about further dividing the fan base. Apathy had set in for some. Others simply can't take the heartbreak anymore. Others are doing it for their health, certain heart attack awaits! Then there's some that go because it's what they do. Those that go to get away from missus. Those that go because they are actually clinically insane! 


When all said and done it'll get better, eventually, it's not going to be fixed soon though. With that in mind people should do whatever makes them happier for now and hope we don't lose them forever. WAWAW

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The football's appalling, The Club is in turmoil, EFL points deduction looking likely, so maybe relegation  (The Year does end in 0) and the weather will be 5hite.

So Yes, I'll be there as normal. (Shoot me now Please!) UTO!


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