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What is our team? 


Somebody please tell me.


Even the players have no idea it changes so often.


What is our method of play? I’ve lost track.


What is everyone’s job? Do they know? Are they just incapable of carrying it out?


Just a bloody shambles.


And this one arm up in the air from corners, or hands behind the head crap. Only any good if the ball goes where intended and the finished product is as practiced.


Do they only have a chat about the corner routines before the game kicks off?


It’a bloody shambles on the pitch. What do they do in training exactly?

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4 hours ago, trev said:

Can anyone remember the comment Monk made when he first arrived?


Something along the lines of he wants intelligent players, players who can think and adapt on the pitch without needing to be told.


At the time I thought it was a strange comment to make as he was saying it after he had only been here a short while. It seemed like a dig/swipe at the players who he had inherited.


Do we think that could be part of our problem? The players have not got the ability to think outside the box and try different things. If plan A  isn't working...they don't know how to implement a plan B.


Are they thick?


Or is that sort of thing purely down to coaching? Is it Monks job to make every player on that pitch know exactly what he should be doing in every situation...should the players be almost like on auto pilot? 


This then begs the question...are the 3 new recruits showing signs of having this Intelligence?? As these are Monks signings?


If Monk is concerned about the players ability to take in & carry out his instructions & tactics then maybe he could help them by not changing tactics & line up every match & not using a lucky dip process to decide on which defensive line up to choose.

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