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2 hours ago, S36 OWL said:

Wonder if Citah will get both tiers on the Lep. Can't see why not, they will fill it. 


Not necessarily. City had FA cup final tickets on general sale last season. Usual reasons, loads of games, cost of tickets, kick off times etc. 


Funny when they were rubbish they'd fill the Leppings Lane every season.

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1 hour ago, matthefish2002 said:

Be disappointed if we don't get 30,000 for this one (Or whatever SYP will allow).
Although I am expecting Man City to 'rest' most of the star names so might put off a few people.

City will put a very strong side out, they've nowt to play for in the league. 

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2 hours ago, alanharper said:


Surely the few remaining pay on the dayers are more likely to want to pay £30 against Man City than £39 against Reading?

Funny enough, I am travelling up for the Reading game as POTGer and will be watching this on BBC as its mid week. So there is a least one AH.

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2 hours ago, Dronfield_SWFC said:

Wed 4 March on BBC


Tickets £25 season ticket holders £30 non season ticket holders


ALL U17's £5


2 hours ago, Ash76 said:

Very reasonable, any kid's prices ?


Only if they're under 17. lol

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Lets be brutally honest about this.  If the club had tickets at £1 there would still be people moaning that it should be free as you can watch it on BBC for free.  They'd then be in the TV License thread moaning about the cost of the TV license saying it should be abolished.


It's £36 at the Dingle Dome on Sunday and we've sold out!  £25/30 against the Champions of England isn't exactly extortion!

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Just not bothered...

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