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Josh Windass Signs - OFFICIAL

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4 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Let’s hope this works out better than the Butterfield deal! Reminds me of that. 

Oh FFS, why did you have to bring that up, I'd only just finally got that out of my memory..........

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10 hours ago, hirstyboywonder said:


I wonder if they thought the same when we were pushing for promotion and breaking our transfer record on a proven goal scorer at this level while they were getting John Fleck on a free from Coventry and Leon Clarke. 

I will never be sad that I don't support the red and white quarter of this city regardless of where the two clubs are at.


Don't recall Rhodes being linked with the likes of Liverpool and Man Utd though, their investment is on a different planet. They invested in what works for them and now invest on quality young talent, we just wasted money on vanity signings and now all we can aim for is Josh Windass on loan!


Agreed - I'd rather be in non-league than support United!

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1 hour ago, King_Monkey said:

Josh Windass is exactly the type of player Wednesday need. Not afraid to make runs, supporting the strikers, picks up the ball and drives forward, holds it up well. Will definitely get on the end of Bannans through balls.


If we can get him and Wickham in, it would be a coup.

Like a fit Lee then?

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1 hour ago, Buxtongent said:

Who is this 'Nixon' chap? Seems to me that he knows more about Wednesday affairs than anyone at the club, even Chansiri. 

I understand he is a journalist def;One who , if there isn't a story, makes one up! 

Yet it seems everyone who reads him takes everything he says for gospel.

Whether people like it or not he is still the best/ most reliable source of early transfer info out there 

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10 minutes ago, malek said:

Bit of trivia: We already had him in our development side and released him. Nothing to do with that, but I don't think he will do much to improve us.


I actually thought this was the case but when I checked his Wikipedia entry there was no mention of his having been with us. If he was I assume it must've been some time in 2012?

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