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3 minutes ago, alanharper said:

The Welsh Maldini


Shame he's going to be knackered because we don't have another left back so he never gets rested


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1 hour ago, hugeowl said:

Monk has done a great job with Fox 

given him a real belief 

To be fair.. I think Fox was starting to play much better just around the time when Bruce took over TBH.. 

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3 hours ago, Worksop Wednesday said:

Morgan, Should be Captain.



That'd be a rum do

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He's been one of our best players this season. 


Huge credit to him.


Put in the hard yards pre season and has really stepped up.


Think he's the best fb at the club right now.


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Along with Fletcher before he got injured, Fox has arguably been our most consistent player this season and the second half of last season. For me he's our player of the season so far and in his form this season he surely deserves a new contract and if he keeps it up a place in Wales' Euro squad in the summer too.

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His career here started quite poorly, from a playing point and from his treatment by the fans. Some his own doing, some extremely unnecessary.


He had the mentality to overcome it.


We need a team with the mentality of Morgan Fox. He's a leader.

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Fox has been performing like this for a while but once Wednesday fans have condemned someone they often can’t see the wood from the trees.


Easily MOTM 

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3 goals this season. Not bad for someone who apparently offers nothing going forward.  More this season in fact that his predecessor scored in 3 years.  


I make the block last night at least the 7th certain goal he's blocked too. 


Not a world beater. Who is in the championship?




A couple of genuine question to those who wouldn't resign him.


1) How much do you think it would cost the club to get a similar or better player than this one?


2) Given FFP and the fact we've only been able to spend £550k in fees in the last two seasons is it likely.



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12 hours ago, McRightSide said:

Had a poor start tonight but sorted himself out and turned in a good performance


Don't believe he was MOTM due to others performing at an even higher level, but he is proving to be by far and away our best full back.


Is that 3 goals now?

Its the effect he had on the game that made him MotM 


Scored the goal and then a goal saving tackle 


Was run ragged by Asayi when he came on but sorted it out and in the end nullified his threat 


Others may have had decent games Murphy as you mentioned but none had the same impact that Fox had 


Fox was superb 

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40 minutes ago, Turkey Owl said:

Loved it when he scored and first thing he did was get all the players round and presumably was saying let’s hold this. Great leadership 

Was quality.


Almost Phil Brown-esq

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Iorfa's my player of the season so far, but Fox isn't so far behind and alongside the likes of Börner and Fletcher.


I can't think of many that have turned their Wednesday career around as impressively as Fox. Buxton obviously springs to mind, but his period of shaky performances lasted for much less time.


Looks solid and reliable practically every week now.

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