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Connor Wickham Signs - OFFICIAL

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17 minutes ago, Salmonbones said:

This signing can go one of two ways - quite an obvious thing to say.

We need this to go dogs bollcocks, not boobies up.


Let us hope this goes dogs bolocks!!!!

dog boobs


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I'm delighted he has come back to us.  He was a great asset to us last time and one of the best players I have seen in a Wednesday shirt in recent years.  We have to respect the effort and expense DC has gone to to make this happen.

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Wickham is a clever player, he gets himself in positions and gambles.

Good signing and what we needed.

Windass is a decent playmaker too.


Wish we had got some of them out though.

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3 hours ago, Sgt Wednesday said:

With Fletcher on his way back we are looking good, Wickham and Fletcher sharing the no.9 will put us back in the top 6, Windass grafting behind them will be good to see. Also Nando coming back, go and earn new contract.

‘Nando coming back, go and earn a new contract’ ... jeez I hope you aren’t involved in player recruitment , although it would explain at lot ! 

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