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FA Youth Cup R4 vs Leeds 7:00pm TONIGHT LIVE

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Trying to watch the game looks like we are doing ok. Pity about the lutv chat. They do spout some tosh the Leeds youth Makes you hate Leeds even more. It’s a under 18’s game give it a rest. No one cares about weeds

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These 'commentators', eh?  

I just wanna bang their heads together


Can't, so did the next best thing ...

Killed the sound after about 20mins and put some music on  :biggrin:

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Just now, malek said:

So little quality on show. Our back line looked decent though, especially Thompson - very composed both on the ball and when defending.

Yh not many chances at both ends but I think we have edged the first half. We have looked more threatening. And like you said we have looked solid at the back. 

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Guest oz_owl
34 minutes ago, nevthelodgemoorowl said:

Lewis Farmer has impressed so far ! 0-0 dog of a pitch.



He's looked very good, and a decent partnership with Hagan on that flank.

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