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1 minute ago, Flat Owl said:



Bring lads in one at a time.


His confidence must be through the roof ready for L**ds.

I wouldn't start him at L**ds. Too big a game. One mistake and that confidence could be shattered ... I'm  afraid to sa ugh by our own fans as much as the Bellend Rd crowd 

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That interview is absolutely outstanding and for all the right reasons.


I'd say its given me the biggest Wednesday buzz I've had since the 3-0 win over Arsenal. 


Great end to a tough football week. 

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Great young man. Will be one of the u23s to progress into the first team without a doubt .

I know nothing about the u23s :ph34r: but this lad will be a regular in the first team before long.

If there are any other hidden gems in the u23s then bring them on.lol

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What I also liked is how the rest of the squad looked after him and integrated him into the team, great to see. 


He's made his first step today, I'm sure all our fans will want him to do well and establish himself in the first team. Has the necessary attributes to succeed and importantly the right attitude. 

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