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Reports in Sunderland Echo that Sheffield Wednesday are one of two or three clubs interested

in signing Aiden McGeady in this transfer window.





















F F S !!!WTF:


















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18 minutes ago, Patheard said:

Been there, done that, got the ill fitting T-Shirt!



Goes past the man.......checks back......crosses the ball.....over the stand......then across the road faster than a chicken :duntmatter:

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In some ways I’d equate this to being released from prison after serving 40 years......


if we made this transfer I’d be able to check out emotionally as it would 100% prove we’ve learnt nothing. lol

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1 minute ago, TomtheOwl95 said:

Why would we be in for him and why would he come here? He didn't give a sh*t last time he was here so why would he this time?

I wonder why he didn’t give a poo. Given his family history 


I’d rather have Bony.

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21 minutes ago, torryowl said:

if he can repeat the form he showed at preston he'd be an asset …….

If he'd shown anything like the preston form the first time we had him,it may have lead to wednesday signing him permanently,he didn't and i'm not convinced he would if god forbid we do actually pursue this.

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