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Match of the Decade

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8 hours ago, Stoop said:

The atmosphere was pretty special at Wembley too. Shame the players couldn’t have given us a goal to celebrate, that would’ve really lifted the roof off the place 

Agreed, would have been absolute limbs had we scored. 


Wycombe game the best for me. 

Closely followed by Brighton which I had to watch on a tiny screen in a pub in Scotland full of Hibs fans watching their playoffs. 

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9 minutes ago, Suzuki_San said:

For how good the Brighton at home game was, the away leg was probably the most horrible game I've ever witnessed.


We were absolutely battered, battered, in that first half.  About 5 shots on target, a goal down, Lees and Loovens both on yellow cards and they hit the post all within the first 18 minutes!   And Loovens nearly sliced himself in half.  



He never quite recovered his form after this. I suspect it is the reason that his injuries were never fully explained to us. 


He was clearly recovering form a transitioning error.

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Sticking 6 past leeds is always going to be a game to savour and would be my pick.

The night at Brighton was quite some night,we withstood an onslaught,the tension among the Owls fans was unbearable,the joy of that Wallace special and the emotion at the final whistle,very memorable night and would come a close 2nd.

As was the victory over Arsenal,all be it the league cup,they played a strong side,injuries helped the cause,but we were on fire that night,it all clicked,Wallace AGAIN,was outstanding,would be me 3rd choice

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