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Xbox Series X (the next gen Xbox console)

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On 16/11/2020 at 18:50, lee81 said:

Only negatives for me so far are the quick resume feature doesn't always work and excellent dpad clicking a bit too loud. Amazing machine. 

The D pad clicking is quite loud, one of first things i noticed.  

I play Tanks a lot and last night i loaded into a game and the controller was on but nothing worked. Wouldnt interact with anything, turned off/on and pulled batteries out and tried to reconnect to console.  

None of this worked so had to reset xbox, quick on/off and not hard reset. Was really surprised it loaded me back into game within 20 seconds, normally it wouldve taken 2 minutes. 


Been having issues with game capture at 4K, it seems to be a known bug as it wont upload to live for sharing purposes.  When i did finally manage it the video was really dark.


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1 hour ago, danblakemore said:

Anyone know if there will be any more available this side of Xmas?


They are popping up from time-to-time on various stores but you have to be quick to grab them. It is worth seeking out a stock checking app or Discord so you can get notified when shops put them back on sale.

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