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That's the best way to sum how I feel about Wednesday atm.

I can see the effort is there, I can see at times we play decent football, I can see no team has outplayed us, I can see we are only 2 or 3 players away from being a good Championship side.


I can also see we haven't dominated any team and really battered anybody, I can see we either very nearly create very good chances and spurn most of  the ones we do create,  I can see when the opposition get a chance they invariably take it, I can see how nervous the players (and fans) get when the opponents have the ball in our half in the last few minutes of a game.

I can see how often we give the ball away stupidly, I can we see  we often go backwards when we could go forward, i can se we are too pedestrian and need a bit of pace up front and a playmaker to unlock the defences.


I can see the EFL punishing us, I can see SAG wanting us out of Hillsborough.


I can see we are so close but also so far away from where we want to be and that we are also so close to really struggling.

Frustrating very very Bloody Frustrating.






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