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Wednesday - V -Birmingham OMDT

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Mid table team in ‘ middle of the table’ shocker.

We will win some. Lose some. We knew at start of season we lacked goals and pace. We are where we are. Not good enough to go up or down. Bruce, Bullen, Monk, Jos , all same. Can only work with tools you have ie mid table players who are injury prone. 

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3 minutes ago, WalthamOwl said:

Personally when Monk got the job I wasn’t convinced. (Wanted the Cowleys). Monk has done nothing to convince me otherwise so far. Players just don’t look like they are giving their all for him. 

Cowley wanted total control of playing side

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The focus must be on the players and the owner. This bunch would get any manager fired.


We aren’t technically good enough to beat the better teams in the league, we aren’t mentally strong enough to beat the worst ones.


And somehow, in the middle of all this we’ve converted Reach, arguably our most valuable and saleable player last season into a nobody.


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