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Come Back Stronger And Be Winners

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We are 6 points and 9 places better off than at this point last season. and we all would like us to be top 6 if not top 2 at the end of the season.


It's easy to look at the last two games and wonder whether we are not good enough, and it's easy to blame it all on Westwood with three dropped crosses costing goals.


Gary Monk reckons we could as easily be sat here with 6 points from the last two as the 1 point that we have. I have some sympathy with his point of view because we have looked very good as an attacking force at times without being incisive enough to put sufficient chances away.


How FF doesn't start I don't know, he is still head and shoulders our best player wherever he plays. Fletch is wonderfully combative and runs his legs off but somehow is ineffective as a primary striker. Good though he is, he isn't your 20 goal per season type of guy.


Adam reach showed exactly what he can do when he came on and opened Swansea up for our first goal. Of late that element has been missing from his game and needs restoring in full measure to avoid another also ran season.


It is all fine margins of course, I'm just hoping that the Manager and Players can truly get their act together during this International break, as its non-stop now until March. We need a positive run starting from the away game at West Brom, and continuing through Christmas and the winter into March, by which time the automatics will be down to 3 or 4 and the top six down to 8 or 9.


We need to be there amongst it, lets hope our team can find that magic mix and start with a convincing away win in the West Midlands.


It's the International Break we must come back stronger and be winners once more.

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