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Love the guy but utter shockers from Westwood for the two goals... crazy, as he's pulled off a couple of worldie saves today too.


And those missed chances... blimey... at least we're making chances I suppose.


The sooner we get back to a settled back 4 and Luongo back the better - a return to clean sheets and wins will follow. Add a striker in January and we might just do enough to grab a playoff place... such fine margins between being winners and the nearly men.

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Last goal was interesting (irritating) All our players other than Iorfa get drawn to the front post, 3 of theirs are going for the back post  leaving Iorfa no chance . Westwood waves at the ball as it goes past.


That looks like a training ground routine from them. We should never get drawn to the front post like that. How many bodies does it take. We were like headless chickens.


I hope Monk analyses that with the players Monday morning.

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Guest The Horse

Jeeezus... Their second goal looks even worse than it did in real life with the benefit of cameras.

That was horrendous defending.

Basic stuff to keep that out.

Just lost the plot.

We played excellent stuff though for the majority.

More than enough to encourage us all going forwards if we keep that up.

And Forestieri must start, FFS.

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