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  1. 1. Will Vulva manage to sneak his remaining Chutney into fortress Hillsbrough?

    • Yes
    • No

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I agree with what you have said. 

Blackburn result was very disappointing because we could or should have won. I want Kieran Lee to start. Because we are not expected to win tomorrow, we will win. UTO and COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!

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Swansea aren't running away with the league, they've only won one more match than us. It's nip and tuck at the moment in the top half of the table and could go either way tomorrow so......

Head says 0-1

Heart says 2-1



PS I voted yes to the chutney question because I think he's a resourceful chap AND there was loads of helpful advice on that thread.

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This is going to be a nervy game, especially for @vulva. If he walks in to that turn style and is met with rubber gloves it could get messy!!!


As for the game, a little bit of pressure to bounce back with a positive result and performance.

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Cousin Steve’s a bit weird !! Haha love . Big test today are we up to it , all will be revealed , Going to be close and tight it’s how we go about it . Come on boys show us how good you are .Keep up the good work Snoots ole boy . 

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After draws against strong Fulham and Leeds at home I see more of the same today. 

Love the chutney poll. I don’t know who Vulva is but I’m imagining somewhere between John Wick and Jason Bourne, so I voted yes, his dangerous mission will succeed.

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I'm thinking of bringing a block of wensleydale 

A tin of Jacob's assorted n a bottle of lock keepers cottage..

Any recommendations of a nice tangy pickle ?














Too late maybe ?......

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