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4 hours ago, Roy Of The Roasters said:


Lets say it takes a while to get into. It's a slow burner. It can seem bewildering at first, but as you get to know the characters, their back stories, their personalities, motivations and weaknesses it starts to make sense. Yes, it may be "people talking" (albeit punctuated by moments of high drama) but that's the point. It's all about the politics - the shifting alliances, plotting, betrayals, power struggles and humiliations. And much of it involving close family members who simply can't escape from each other. And the whole thing is riddled with abundant black humour; while it's self evidently not a comedy, there are moments which border on the laugh out loud, and the sheer awfulness of some of the characters is a constant source of amusement.


If that's not your cup of tea, then fair enough. But it definitely rewards persistence.







Good summary.


The very 1st episode was a bit WTF after previously only seeing the trailers and you'd expect something high on drama in a traditional context. But Succession is done in the fly-on-the-wall style and reveals, gradually, the many faces of each character, likeable and otherwise.


Jesse Armstrong also did The Think of It.

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15 hours ago, Chris_B_SWFC said:

Best TV show on today. 

The best ever after Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul, in my opinion. 

Season 3 was incredible. The one where Logan had a UTI was fantastic. 


Absolutely loved first 2 seasons.


Just couldnt get into series 3 as much, it did have a good ending but def a weaker series overall by its high standards.

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On 14/01/2022 at 13:08, Paul.. said:

Thought Kendall playing Nirvana's Rape Me over the speakers during Shiv's "Town Hall" meeting was the funniest thing of the season!



Yeah that was absolutely mental! how they can be in the same room as each other after that is crazy


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