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7 hours ago, Paul.. said:

Shall wait for it all to pile up to binge watch when my wife's travelling for work, wonderful TV Series, up their with the quality of the King's TV series' (Good Fight + Evil).



Good strategy.


We watch it weekly, then watch again as a binge when its done. It's just that good.


We've already re-watched S2 as pre-S3 catch-up. So good

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Can’t wait for this, but o can’t wait a week between episodes. We’re going to wait for it all to have been on, then watch one a day. 

Hopefully it remains as good, if it all keeps on par with the first two seasons it’s going to right up there with the best of all time.


I’ve said it before, but anyone who likes Six Feet Under should watch this.


Same in reverse too. Anyone who is into Succession should go find Six Feet Under and binge that. Very similar dysfunctional broken  family feel to the whole thing.

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21 minutes ago, Roy Of The Roasters said:


I've only watched the first 15mins, so no spoilers please......


Going back a few episodes, though. Kendall's birthday party. WTF?? What a brilliant glimpse into one mans tortured subconscious....

By all accounts, Jeremy Strong is a very intense personality/actor. 


Goes full on method when playing. Absolutely shines through as Kendall. 


Guy just seems utterly f*cked in the head, but in a very realistic way. 

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