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10 hours ago, deano said:

Not sure I agree, I think our best opportunity to beat them is to sit deap, that's how Monk sets up his teams and probably why his Birmingham team beat Leeds twice last season. 


Luckily for us we also have a bit of quality who will hopefully pick them off when the opportunity arrives. 

Agree about setting traps and picking them off,  but we cant do that playing in our own 18 yard box. We need to press much further up the pitch with a higher tempo.

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Us and them are two of the lowest scoring teams in the top 10.

We are also the two best goals against teams.

We both have failed to score in only 2 matches.

Everything points to a low scoring game.

1-0 to us is my prediction.

That will take us equal top. A 2 goal difference will take us top on our own.

As long as we win that's fine. 

Come on Wednesday.





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It could be a game of mistakes due to the wet conditions. I always feel that a bit of luck either way can decide those games. I'm feeling lucky today so 1-0 to us.


Hope you get over the man flu soon Snoots. You need a good woman to look after you. Not her ladyship obv. haven't you got a serving wench who can do the job temporarily?

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PLEASEEEEE no FF two up top with fletch, forrestieri is sooo much better out wide whether its a 5 or 3 than through the middle or in the hole

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One thing is for certain today. They will try to wind up our most volatile players. Alioski is a wind up merchant diving and complaining about everything. 

As long as the players don't fall into their trap of being wound up . Hopefully Hutch will have his sensible head on and doesn't go flying in. Hopefully Nando if he plays won't fall down when he is hacked from behind at waist level.

Hopefully Westwood will survive the warm up. 

Hopefully Mr Robinson will have a good game.

Hopefully Bielsa will stay sat on his bucket while his team falls apart under our onslaught .

Hopefully we win by more than 1-0 cos the tension during the last 15 minutes will be unbearable.  They will throw the kitchen sink at us if it's 1-0 with 15 minutes left.

Hopefully I will enjoy the rest if my weekend .



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Good to see you back in the first team Snoots, the universe finally has it's balance back.


It's going to be a trial of attrition today, mud blood guts and thunder....love it!! 


Agree with 2-1 to the Wednesday 

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