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It wouldn’t be so bad if they had to do post match interviews and answer for their decisions but they walk around with impunity. And if they are being assessed nothing ever seems to come of their poor performances. Power without accountability.

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When Nuhiu was dragged down when we were breaking on a dangerous looking counter I joked it wouldn't be a card... Then it wasn't. Comical. Then he booked Fox two mins later for nothing.


He was dying to give them a chance to equalise. 


Oh and even the added time. There were stoppages in added time, but because we were attacking didn't even play all of the time added. 

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The fact Peltier doesn’t get booked tells you everything. 


He can’t make a simple decision in a football game... so what’s he actually good at ? 


Same with the lino.... please go and get another job and stop effecting people’s football teams. 


F off out of the game.  

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1 minute ago, A12owl said:

The decision about Flint lies with the linesman. He was in line with the defence and could see Flint behind the line jumping like he had a fire cracker up his behind.

Dawson was telling him well before the kick was taken. Jobsworth ignored him.

Are you still defending the ref.

They obviously made a joint decision to come to a view he wasn’t interfering.

Told you before the kick off Stroud is a awful ref basically seeing out his time ruining games in this division when in reality he shouldn’t be anywhere near it.

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People laugh when I mention an agenda but it’s clear to see. Referees work against us to the best of their ability. I don’t know if they don’t like the club or some of the players give them too much stick. But it’s so obvious.


In recent weeks, Sam Hutchinson got booked for being whacked in the ankle by Harry Arter. I mean how can you get that wrong? Arter didn’t get anything for it. 

Jacob Murphy fouled in the box, very obvious. Free kick outside the box given. Costs us a point away at Hull.


Home to Wigan. Fletcher scores a perfectly valid goal, linesman gives offside. Could have cost us three points.


Tonight, well there’s too many to count. The equaliser being the most criminal. Never a foul in the first place and clear obstruction for the goal. Tomlin arguably shouldn’t have even been on the pitch for an intentional elbow on Borner. I’ve seen them given. 

Agenda, no two ways about it. It’s not just one off decisions that go against us, this happens every week and has done for a couple of seasons. Its so clear, it’s almost expected now. 

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4 minutes ago, SallyCinnamon said:

People laugh when I mention an agenda but it’s clear to see.


I don't think theres an agenda beyond incompetence being acceptable. 


Couldn't help myself with the gif....trying to put a smile on that debacle of officiating. 


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1 minute ago, 4evaowl said:

He was poor but we gave away so many brainless fouls!


This is something we need to change.

Given more fouls away this season than any other team.

We are so naive 

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