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Carlos was the manager that played Bannan nominally left.

It was with the intention of him drifting into the centre, as Wallace also did, to provide extra bodies in central midfield and help us try and control the ball.

Normally this was a low tempo style , hanging back as a team and simply trying not to allow the opposition into the game.

It wasn't great to watch.


We would play this way for the first part of games to see how the game developed


We then normally made a sub, brought another striker on,  went 433, moved FF to the left and moved Bannan into the centre.

For the last half hour we played high tempo , pressing high up and looking a very dynamic team.

Because we were pressing very high up the pitch Bannan could play high up the pitch and effect the game in the oppositions half.

Generally this worked.


The problems come when you play a low tempo game with Bannan in the centre because it is all too deep.


Reach has the running but not the positional sense or touch to consistently do a job in the centre.

He is a very good , orthodox wide player.



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Would be very happy for him if his happened, playing in the Champions League and in front of 65,000 people.


It’d be a lot better than seeing one of our best players go to someone like Bournemouth or Brighton.

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