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A Warning To All Clubs.

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10 hours ago, S36 OWL said:


But it wont give football a wake up call. Football is rotten to the core , infested with greedy agents and players . The tail is wagging the dog . You have clubs up and down the land crippling themselves with debt chasing the golden tickets of the Premier league , where even failure is rewarded with obscene amounts of money. I just wish the big prem clubs would sod off and join a European super league, and take Sky and their money with them , then maybe football can hit the reset button and just maybe common sense will prevail once again , and the game can maybe stand a chance of returning to what it should be about ........... FOOTBALL , not money. 


When premier league clubs see it as more important to finish FORTH in the league , than actually win a cup competition , that tells you everything you need to know. It breaks my heart to see the game i love disappearing up its own arse. 


Joking aside I agree with you and it will take a big club to go bust before the bigwigs wake up.  If say Spurs fall away from "the bix six" with all the money ploughed into the ground they could feasible be in trouble in a matter of a few seasons.


No doubt the Premier would close ranks and see to it that the owners are protected if not the club. 


Football is been ran by runaway capitalism and needs a little bit of socialism before it all goes flying over the cliff edge.   

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12 hours ago, Mycroft said:

It's very sad to see Bolton n Bury suffer, was very surprised at the gate on Saturday about 5000ish with 700 from Ipswich, thought the fans would have turned out regardless of the politics of the club.


Hope they both find a way through the mire, doesn't look good for either.

It's certainly an interesting situation.


I guess that knowing you were bound to get smashed will have kept some away, it was their third consecutive 5-0 loss after all. But you'd still expect a significant hardcore.


Perhaps it is like Blackpool. I have a lot of respect for how they stayed away in protest and essentially forced a sale through.


Ironically, had they know then what they know now, e.g. how close to the abyss they are, they'd have probably got many more.

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It'll be interesting to see how much coverage this gets on sky sports news today. They've got cup games to advertise and Klopp may sneeze. Not to mention pogba might be practicing penalties. 


I've said all along that a club folding won't be the wake up call everyone thinks. If spurs folded for example clubs in the prem would look at it and say that's one place higher we could finish and a European place up for grabs, let's spend to make sure we get it. 


I'm afraid Bolton folding won't register hard enough. Listening to radio 5 yesterday a lot of the talk was how far they'd fallen, they used to be a Premier league club you know, and they played in Europe. And they were a premier league club not long ago. 


I don't believe in any form of deity but I'm doing my equivalent of prayer for Boltons fans today. 

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17 hours ago, ZicoSterland2 said:

For those who have criticized the amount of money spent and lack of top quality signings take a look 35 miles west of Sheffield. Bolton a once proud footballing town are on the verge of losing their football team. For all who criticize DC I would say he has heeded the warnings and stopped the club falling headlong into the financial abyss. It gives me no pleasure to see Bolton Wanderers on the verge of liquidation but I would hate the gap it would leave in my life if this great club followed the same path. Dark times in the EFL as the fat cats in the premier league gorge on massive financial gains not shared with the lower leagues.




This is worth a look.

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Bolton were nearly £200m in debt. They then had this written off. They've then proceeded to ignore the issues that got them to that eye watering figure and managed to mismanage their way into more debt and administration again. 


Why would any other club give them some of their own money when the likelihood is that it will just be pissed away and we'll be back to square one with them in debt and near folding in a couple of seasons.


The whole club needs to change from top to bottom and liquidation may be the only way this can happen. It's sad, but probably necessary.

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17 hours ago, TheEnchanter said:



I also think our chairman should take some flak for the amount he has wasted on bad players and failed to recoup by deciding that we shouldn't sell a player until 4 seasons down the line. Not very good control of finances in my view but we are moving on from all that now thankfully. We've learnt the hard way. 

True, but come on if you were a new supporter with cash to burn and you had all the fans behind you saying spend spend spend you'd probably also go for it as well. Don't blame the guy for seeing the stars and trying to reach them and coming dam close, just a manager that seemed to lose his attacking principles at the wrong time that cost him.

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Guest LondonOwl313
23 hours ago, ZicoSterland2 said:

Totally agree think the penny has dropped with DC. I think his biggest fault was trying to please everyone. It has been a very expensive lesson

Not so sure it’s that the penny’s dropped.. think the guy is desperate for us to be a premier league team for obvious reasons. Probably more that he had a figure in mind for how much he wanted/was able to spend, say £100m, and he thought we’d be there within the first 2-3 years. I’d be surprised if we ever spend big again now under him.. hoping to get lucky with what we have, which gets harder every year as our best players are slightly past peak ages

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Perspective!  Wednesday, so far have been really lucky! Mandaric saved our club? Yes! His overriding factor however,  was making his money back when selling. He did so, obviously without a care in the world as to wether or not Cc new what he was doing!  He just cared about the money! I like Cc, he seems a great man of integrity to me so I wish him luck! But football is completely fizzed...

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