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Loan Watch Rides Again!

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2 minutes ago, Ethel The Tree said:


I'm watching the uk.soccerway graphics again and it all looks a bit scrappy

Two sides struggling after a poor start


I do wonder if the home crowd are behind Jos - although it's early days yet


Both are reliant on individual players. St Pauli on Myachi and Kiel on Baku, both of whom are rapid and are given the ball at every opportunity 

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4 minutes ago, malek said:


Just like you said, looks very nervous. Hope he improves 2'nd half, he is certainly good enough.

It'll take a few games before he shows his potential. He hasn't played competitively for ages, and well, forst game is about 5 fays after he's moved countries, in front of a raucous crowd. I'd crap meself lol


Give it 6 weeks he will be ruining teams. 

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