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Guest Ferkorf
3 hours ago, bigthinrob said:

We should be looking to the future (or at least the present) not living in the past.


That goes for all the other no mark journeymen, merry go round merchants & second rate chancers touted on here.



So Cowley or we remain with Bully lol

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15 hours ago, ... said:

Campbell is looking likely at minute. Ignore the people saying his win percentage is bad he saved Macclesfield from what look like oblivion for them. 


He turned them round and been working unpaid for months so have to admire that. 


Are we lumping on again Dotty ? 

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18 hours ago, Bing Cosby said:

''He has had contact''?


Not sure that makes sense

I agree - I do not believe in aliens anyway


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Was behind the majority of the Leicester side that ended up winning the title. I’d like Nigel proper manager.


Either way just needs sorting soon. We need to know what our long term plan is, it’s at a point now where I imagine players want to know whose taking them forward long term and also Bullen and the staff wanting to know along with us fans wanting to know.

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