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A Nightmare on Jihadi John Street


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3 minutes ago, Matt_1 said:

Really wanted extra time. An extra half an hour in the legs of a paper thin squad running on fumes would have been useful.

yep...we might also have enjoyed watching the filthy grunts add to their record-breaking penalty shootout chokes

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1 minute ago, beswetherick said:


I’m pretty happy with the way it ended tbh




It was wonderful. Once United had equalised there was only one winner.


They had all the momentum and Arsenal are rubbish.


Then United lost in injury time. Cruel, cruel, cruel.


I proper laughed out loud.

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Guest gizowl
12 hours ago, Sheff74 said:


30 goals in the PL and sat in 8th, oh and 2 promotions prior to that, which you have failed to mention. 


It must be a nightmare for them, twats. 

What's happening to that quality side Sheff74,all that quality movement down the wings, all the assists from the quality midfield.


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I think this year has been a flash in the pan.


They need a complete restructuring of the squad if next season isn’t going to be a long one with an inevitable relegation.


Cant believe how well they’ve done - because individually I just don’t rate their team.

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Their Luck's finally run out. If they're anywhere near 5-1 to be relegated next season then that's a right bet as how many teams have got promoted, stayed up comfortably in the first season only to be relegated the next?

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