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13 hours ago, chrysoar said:

Westwood                Westwood

Iorfa                          Iorfa

Lees                         Lees

Bates                        Borner

Borner                      Odubajo



Loungo                     Luongo

Bannan                     Bannan


Forestieri                  Reach

Fletcher                    Rhodes

Reach                       Harris


This is what makes the window so exciting IMO. We’ve got options now to shift things about if it’s not going our way. Before we really struggled against organised teams. Now we can be more direct when we need it. Before we struggled to manage games out (how many points did we drop in extra time last season), now we can bring luongo / hutch on and pack the middle. Feels like very astute work to me. 

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11 minutes ago, Holmowl said:


15/16 FF 15 incl 2 pens - Hooper’s 13 we’re scored at a faster rate.


16/17 FF 12 incl 2 pens - Fletchers 11 incl 2 pens were scored at a faster rate


17/18 Nuhiu 11 Joao 9 at faster rate



18/19 Fletcher 11 Joao 10 but Joao at faster rate


What's all this faster rate business about.


Out of the last 4 seasons, Nando has been top scorer twice.


João and Hooper have gone.


Therefore he starts.


And pens do count.


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There are too many options/formations to second guess, all I know is the man (or woman) that gets the job is going to have the best headache.


We really do have a squad that is strong enough to not only challenge for a play off place but to push for the top two, solidity at the back, a skilful and dynamic midfield and an attack with experience and the ingredient that's been missing for a while, Pace.


We also now have strength in depth (except I was hoping for a left full back) enough for our annual injury list.



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We have been crying out for a midfielder like Ilungo for ages. Once settled in he needs to be given a chance to play and improve our team.


Reach will be selected on Saturday and should be. 

However unless we have an injury crisis he should only be playing in one of the wide positions where he now has competition.

I am a Reach fan but he was poor against Espanyol and Reading so needs to up his game. No point having competition if players can get selected when not playing well.

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