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57 minutes ago, Outrageousowl said:

Long time follower first time poster ("hi everyone, my names outrageousowl - dramatic pause - and i am a sheffield wednesday fan") and I feel compelled to share my wild excitement for this season. 

Maybe its because its transfer deadline day or maybe its what ive just smoked, but I'm giddy as a goose for the year ahead. 

Squad are like besties from back in the day, signings (so far) look well thought out, giving us a real dynamism, and we showed class and experience on the opening day. 

We may or may not be good enough to go up this year but we are gonna scare the b'jaysus out of the championship this year.. And i for one cant wait because WE ARE THE MIGHTY SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY!!! 


Hi mum!





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I am ridiculously optimistic before any season, but usually have the good sense to keep it to myself!

But great first post, and all that fine sentiment and positivity has left me quite moved!



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4 minutes ago, HIGHERSTATE said:

Owlstalk is like a pub when a girl or a new person walks in.


They get a bit excited/nervous/confused/cocky all at once


You get used to it




‘Until you wander into the tap room and bump into the ones on the Strange Table.

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58 minutes ago, bobness said:


Was the username 'fabulousowl' already taken?

Don't know Bobsters 

But "Stupid Weeweefunnel" must have been too ....






That wasn't the swear filter 

I beat it to it ....


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