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Thing is, we probably used to be a bit of a push over in the past regarding transfer fees etc when we’ve been in a financial mess. However, we aren’t that club any more, we don’t need to sell. 


You want one of our players, give us a proper f.ucking offer.

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4 minutes ago, southstand said:

Big saving on wages though circa £4-5 million


We'd still owe Boro 4mil for a player we no longer own. Forget it. Pay up or fookoff Norwich. 

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4 minutes ago, np pontefract said:


Selling our best players is not the right thing to do, if the club are serious about promotion.


Devils advocate .........


He’s arguably not in the first 16 names you’d want in the squad if fit currently 


We won’t be anywhere near promotion realistically 


Isn’t it best to get him off the wage bill??

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