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OWLS - V - Espanyol (Friendly) omdt

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24 minutes ago, Royal_D said:


Yeh looks a smart signing Borner, i really think Lees might struggle here soon 

Lees is a better centre half with a strong partner at his side. I think he was overhyped 4 seasons ago and never lived up to it. 

Although I think Thorniley looks a better long term prospect.

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2 hours ago, Half time Bovril said:

It isn’t the norm for a large number of Asians to watch us at Hillsborough, and maybe there was no malice in the question just a genuine query. I would also like to know, maybe dc being Thai has attracted them. As you rightly say more the merrier.

On reflection to my post. perhaps I read it as the person was complaining in the sense. This person didn't give a point of view whether this was a good thing or bad thing where it seems like I saw it in the negative. where they could be praising the fact there were

new people watching the game. - I take that back

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1 hour ago, NYCOWL said:

I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but I was shocked by Nuhius conditioning. Unacceptable 

I thought they all came back with weight targets and all met them? 


Perhaps Nuhiu thought you could start eating once you'd met them? 


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Guest Kagoshimaowl
13 hours ago, BenitoCarbone said:


Give the lad a break, it’s his birthday


I really rate Odubajo mate. He’s quality. However, the truth is the truth...he was dog poo yesterday!

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