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Holstein Keil - V - The Wednesday OMDFT

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49 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:



So....its Coleman then. Or Pulis. Or....any number from a list. 

I have heard that Coleman has been interviewed from a fairly reliable source.  But then being interviewed is not the same thing as getting the job. It will all come out in the wash.  Wednesday are keeping their cards close to their chest, and why not.  Don't want any potential move being scuppered by outside factors.


Meanwhile in Germany the lads carry on with their preparations against a Holstein Kiel a second division unit , as our pre season build up intensifies in difficulty.  These games will be welcomed by the players in getting up to full match tilt ready for the opener at Reading.


There will be a raft of changes as interim manager Bullen tries to ensure everyone is getting much needed match minutes, so the thunderchump abusing Ash Baker on Twitter in the week for the crime of getting a run out can wind his , no doubt sunburnt neck in.


Whoever plays today it's to be hoped they applaud the fans at the end. It is apparently something which has proved Bullen isn't a manager  in the eyes  of the surnburnt and heavily imbibed.


We might win today, we might draw, we might lose. 

No way of knowing. 

Except of course perhaps by the mystics who already know if we're going up or down in May based on the bookies list. Though why they are on here and not enjoying their multiple lottery wins is anyone's guess. 


Anyway. There we go. 





Sit back and have a lovely afternoon everybody



Just knew you was going to say that.



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Not bothered about the score.

Not bothered about the performance.

Not bothered about increased fitness levels.

Not bothered about developing team tactics, formation and set plays.


But please, clap the fans for turning up, and all will be well.

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