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The Witcher - Netflix

The Batman

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2 hours ago, owlinexile said:

He appears to be missing his other sword?


Nerd rage is coming.... 


Don't worry it's seen sheathed on Roach in one of the shots, it's actually a misconception from the games that he always carries both anyway, the silver sword is only technically needed for certain types of monster.


Monsters = silver, humans = steel is just a game mechanic and he carries both to save the player having to go back to Roach every single time you want to switch. I can imagine carrying two swords on your back, even for a Witcher, is extremely impractical.

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15 hours ago, The Batman said:

Just started it.


First impressions are good...


He looks and sounds the part.


Helps that I know some of the characters and backstory.


Otherwise I think it would be hard to know what's going on and get into it.



Watched two episodes. So far, not a fan. 

There’s been about 3 minutes of actual “monster” in the first two hours. 

Scenes are erratic and awkwardly cut from place to place with no real flow. 

They’ve already teased Geralt dying twice despite him being the main character and obviously not in any danger of being killed off.


Some bits are wooden or too convenient. The bloke in Ep 2 offers him 100 gold, and Geralt asks for 150. The bloke just hands him the pouch... like, what? It had exactly 150 in it already through pure coincidence? It’s a tiny detail but just lazy and unnatural. 

And like you said, without knowledge of the books or games people are going to be lost. He’s taking potions and using magic but there’s no explanation behind it. 

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I don't mind it.


It's not nearly as good as it could've been. Which is frustrating.


The timeline's poorly done and feels really rushed. 


As I said, if I didn't already know what was going on, I'd probably be extremely confused and might've given up.


Just hope it improves with Season 2, or it won't go any further.

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