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Your 3 Most Expensive Records

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3 hours ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


Yep, I've got 'Crystal Ball'. I don't buy vinyl - when I started getting into music I was buying CDs, and there's no way I can start a whole new collection without bankrupting myself!


I've not explored the bootlegs too much - there seem to be hundreds out there. Any suggestions?


plenty of suggestions, have you got soundcloud.  we out to take this to PMs, don't want to hijack the thread. 

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i think I've got this somewhere






Also got Def Maybe and WTSMG double vinyl albums, and all singles from both those albums on 7", 12" and cd. cd's are numbered too.





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2 hours ago, Binky Griptite said:

Lovely stuff. Some serious cash in that lot by the sounds of it.

 Sorry im talking bolloxs, with the colmbia racord, its the masterplan record in the pics i was thinking of,



found out back when i catalogged it all




def got all the early singles 7" 12" and cd.



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7 hours ago, Geraldo LobOn said:


I've got new art riot on cd (picture disc) and on 12 inch, some versions are worth more than others, I think I've not got the first pressing.


is the Stay Beautiful the poster fold out one?  

I think when i first looked at it New art riot was a 2nd pressing of 3000, pink.

Yes stay beautiful is the foldy out poster

have slash n burn and you love us 12s too :)

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Ive got Def Leppard Getcha Rocks off EP unfortunately on the yellow label so not super valuable lol

Also Motorhead Bomber on Blue Vinyl again not hugely valuable 


Got some obscure rock singles worth about 30 quid apiece last time i checked em 

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And you shouldn't.


I buy music because I love the music. Limited edition green vinyl. So what?


Worked part time in a record shop when I was a student. People would pay over the odds for inferior test pressings - that's the person cutting the master making sure the lathe is set up correctly. White label copies - Lathe is set up, should we proceed to manufacturing the actual stampers?


We had music critics dumping boxes full of albums that they got free from record companies. 'I'll give you thirty quid for the lot' - We sold the exact same album  that was already on our shelves with a 200% mark up because it had a sticker saying 'Promotional Copy. Not for Sale' on it.


The first Sex Pistols single on EMI from 1976, that got banned and all copies recalled, we had a box full under the counter. This was the late 80s 


I inherited my grandfathers jazz and blues collection. There are mono first pressings of Prestige, Blue Note and Impulse labels with those beautiful, laminated heavy card covers. All still in mint condition. Not for sale. Priceless because of grandad Louis.

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