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Lord Snooty

Norwich - V - Wednesday OMDT

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42 minutes ago, Lawrie Madden said:

where should he have been ?


His starting position ( and i've just checked ) as the ball is struck is almost central in the goal moving to his left ) should he have been even further left ?


Had he been and had Vrancic placed it the other side would his starting the position still have been wrong ?


Or was it just a world class strike like i think it was that gave him no chance 

For clarification.. even if he had have chosen to move to the left by half a yard ( imo the correct position) I still think it was too good a strike for him to keep out.

Im replying to you out of courtesy btw as its irrelevant now (re result)  But i hope in training today the gk coach has a word. Learn from mistakes.

A couple of mistakes don’t make a bad keeper in fact it’ll make him better

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18 hours ago, Lord Snooty said:



If we actually do this, after 3 years...i might get my Hampton out





2                    5                         6                    3

    Iorfa               Lees                    Hector           Palmer


           Hutchinson             11

      Onomah                                    Boyd      


10                            9                            11

   Matias                     Fletcher               Forestieri 


*cue huge dissapointed when it turns out 4-4-2


Ok, it took 45 minutes and was more 4-1-4-1 as Norwich piled on.

But I'm having it and am pleased to note my Hampton enjoyed some bank holiday freedom last evening. 

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