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Wednesday Players You Liked That Turner Out to be Guff

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International breaks have become a bit more enjoyable recently with Southgate and his waistcoats, but we still need summat to pass the time with until we surge into the playoffs and smash dem blavdes home and away.


So, who were some Wednesday players you thought were the dogs danglies but turned out chuffing rubbish.


I’ll get the ball rolling:-


Caolan Lavery - Thought he looked decent personally, slammed a few in edge of the box if I remember. Now playing for Bury. Also turned out for them lot so automatically crap.


Will Keane - Scored a good goal against Derby (I think) and wouldn’t have minded us signing him. Now plays for Ipswich and getting tonked each week.


Drew Talbot - Great goal to help send us up at Cardiff, thought he had pace and could finish. Played most of his career at RB for Chesterfield ffs.


Alex Ferguson had a worse record than that so I’m taking it. Who did you think in all of your football knowledge would be a superstar and is now crap?



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Klas Ingesson (RIP) - watched him in the world cup that summer and thought he'd be great for us and then we signed him!! Brilliant. 


He wasn't as good as I thought he'd be! 

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Honestly, Andy Pearce, When we signed him I thought, brilliant, the perfect tall, good in the air, take no s*it defender to play alongside Des. Didn't end well.....Also, Rodri. Turns up from Barca B, scores a cracker against Brum in the game we were so comfortable in that Reda got bored and killed chris burke for a pen, for legit no reason coz Semi had him covered. Then, well, does f*ck all, for the rest of the season.

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