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1 minute ago, steveger said:

SKY News and some of the fruitcakes posters in The Dressing Room section will claim all our injuries are down to BREXIT...:ph34r:

I know my phone line started crackling straight after the vote and it still is, can't help but think Brexit had at least some influence. Also the woman across the road started taking in lodgers, I think she's a fascist and I've asked @Costello 77 to put her name on the fatwa list he's drawn up although he's mysteriously gone all quiet about that now.

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2 hours ago, sheriwozgod said:

Hope this is BS and just some nasty blunt doing a bit of stirring , but just spoke to my brother in law who said a friend of a friend etc said "a Wednesday player" was treated yesterday in A & E for a broken arm.

I was in the vets this morning and ALL the 'pig team' were in with 'swine fever'.

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3 hours ago, e6owl said:

Abdi, he tried to pick up a football again. 

either that or the pay packet he's been stealing for the last 2 years

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4 hours ago, Lord Snooty said:


@Ever the pessimist was our man in the know and the player is Josh Onomah. 


This is what I got told when I arrived at work (Northern General) last night. 


Elbow injury. 


Poor lad just can't seem to get a break...maybe the wrong choice of words...but you get what I mean. 

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Just now, torres said:

Big blow this. Him coming back into the squad was more important than Hooper’s return I think 


Definitely. An extra body in midfield. I think he’s a very good player to. Pace, strength and drive. 


Had some rotten luck that lad, but he’s not the only one who’s suffered from our injury curse. It’s beyond a joke really. 

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