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Bruce Press conference - Bullet points

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18 minutes ago, Birley Owl 1867 said:

There are some good players available on free transfers this summer.


I'm wondering though who will he look to bring in as the experienced CB? Gary Cahill and Wes Morgan are available but surely they're on too much money and in Morgan's case, past it?


Or Timm Klose from Norwich? 

Only way we'd get Cahill is for sentimental reasons, wanting to.play for the club he's supported all his life. As for wages he's surely a multi millionaire so not so much of a stumbling block?

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9 hours ago, owls maniac said:

We are in safe hands here. 

I was - not opposed but a bit sceptical. In the end he'd disappointed at Villa. Had he run out of steam?


I have been very impressed. In the last week he has presided over the best home performance for a long time  - perhaps the win over Newcastle in Apr 2017. And he has given us a derby performance where he neutralised opponents in superb form.


And this is all very sensible.


Our play off chances are minimal this year. But there is much to look forward to. ST renewal is on the to do list for this weekend.

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7 hours ago, steveger said:

Some cracking bullet points there mate, bullet points are often overlooked and underused, it's nice to see them getting a run out...


Well done...


Why are they called bullet points more like spots?  Spot points or dot points maybe... I'm bored.  How have you done your hair today?  

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Bruce has just come through the place like an absolute breath of fresh air. 


Great communicator, straight-talking, common sense approach. Dodges nothing, exudes confidence, a players manager!!!


Whilst he'd be the first to acknowledge how big a job it is to turn our fortunes around, you can tell he knows that if he gets it right, it could very well be the pinnacle of his managerial career.  

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I am just grateful we have a manager who can easily be understood and comes across as a normal chap and who has started to address problems that have generated thousands pages on here. We have players with pace joined team, we are playing on front foot and he his doing something about recruitment. 

Clearly he has identified recruitment as major issue and he buttered up Paixao but essentially the 4 or 5 on road are replacing Paixao and Doyen scouts who were working for us. Aarons and Lazaar are far better than the publicity they had received it is a real shame Lazaar has been injured as they looked a real good combination down left side. I was not keen on Iorfa as career had gone stale but for £200,000 well worth taking a chance on and he looks as if embracing change and has shown good promise. It sounds as though the two recruited have already had in put with players we have signed.


Great news all round.

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On 08/03/2019 at 10:12, Lord Snooty said:


Noticable that the hacks had got their happy voices on today.

He's clearly won them over too.  Not that that should matter.

I like how he doesn't let them finish their questions, maybe to show them who is in charge.

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How refreshing to have a manager be open, honest and clear about our situation and his plans.


I don’t have a problem with us having to sell a couple of players, I trust that Bruce can replace them on the cheap. 

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