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Dare to dream?

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No chance this year lads - save yourself the disappointment.


Couple of home wins on spin hasn't turned us into genuine promotion candidates.


Hopefully we'll continue to have a positive finish though.

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3 hours ago, Matt_1 said:

Ben Mayhew, a decent all-around stats and probability guy on Twitter posted this.


It takes into account everyone else's fixtures, as well as everyone else's form.


(credit: Ben Mayhew, @experimental361)






Screenshot 2019-03-07 at 11.51.41.png

It's more likely that we'll finish in the bottom half than the top half? BS! 

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4 hours ago, Holmowl said:


Why not?


Bristol City v Leeds - away win

Derby v Owls - away win


We would be 3 points off 6th with ten to play.



And I would add current form..


Bristol City DLL


Owls DWW


I think I've spotted the slight flaw in the plan! We just don't win at Derby.


I know that logically past performance should have no bearing on Saturday's game, but it really is a bogey ground for us - 2 wins (only 1 in the league) in 28 visits in the last 60 years, that's a dreadful record against a side who for most of that period haven't even been significantly better than us, even when we were doing better than them in the 80s and 90s we still couldn't buy a win there (one John Harkes special aside!)

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