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We are 2-1 up as we enter 3 mins of added time.


It has been like the foookin Alamo for past 10 mins as they pile forward and launching ball after ball o Madine who they brought on for last 15 mins.



FFS a foookin Penalty as Billy Blunt does a Tom Daley impression as he chucks himself at Lees, injuring himself in the process.


Madine picks the ball up and plonks it on the spot. There's more boos coming from the Lep than The Kop.


He looks to the bench, looks at the Kop and finally gazing momentarily at Westwood before starting his run up.


He connects ferociously and...




Sends the foooker to join Simonsen's before jumping into the front of The Kop.


Climbing out he receives his obligatory yellow card as he runs to the bench and starts 'windmilling' his huge phallus in front of Pep Wilder.


Refs whistle goes and the Goal Machine sprints back or more adulation in front of The Kop.


He seems so happy he looks like he could punch a horse.


Away end going mental as Gazza stands on the half way line and gives them the finger as our match referee offers him his second yellow before Madine plants a big kiss on the official's forehead.


What a night...!









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He then wakes up in his prison cell smelling of stale ale with bruised and cut knuckles wondering is it groundhog day as he is a pig now or is he in the smelly stuff again.

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More likely to rub our noses in it if he gets one.


We should have ended his contract the moment he got locked up.

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